Hello Y’all

My Name is Sean MacIntyre and you will find what ever I post to be addictively awesome. “Sean you really think your blogs will be better than my crack?” No I don’t. Keep doing the crack. Just read my stuff as well so you can get the ultimate high. I’m on the site with Jordan cause frankly he needs my help. After hours of begging and crying from Jordan I agreed to post blogs with him. He understandably needs someone to write some kickass blogs so that when people read his they are still riding the high off of my writings. Have you seen the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry always goes before Kenny Bania?

Jordan is Bania.

“Sean you’re being offley mean to Jordan.” He can handle it. When you’re good at what you do then jokes about yourself are laughable, that’s Jordan.  But when someone makes a joke about you that you don’t like, it means you’re self-conscious about that subject. That being said, I will spare nothing and no one. If you’re self-conscious about something then learn to deal with it. If you believe in something and don’t like that belief to be made fun of then I suggest you grow up. Blogs are just opinions, you have them and so do I. If you don’t agree with me, then say it! Comment on how I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. Cause baby I’ma gunna be talkin mad shit.

“Not a fucking word about my hat!”

So that’s my opening to y’all, a bunch of Jordan disses and me complaining about people who haven’t even read anything of mine that might complain. You’d think I would try a little harder than that. But a great man once said, “You’ve tried hard and failed miserably, the lesson is-never try.” I heard that when I was a kid and never questioned it. Thanks Papa Homer, and to everyone else, you can watch your porn now.


“Hmm, needs more men”

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