This sport is serious. The poor girls had to learn the game before playing.

The Lingerie Football League is real and wants our respect. The LFL is exactly how it sounds, women in lingerie playing football. Now I don’t have a problem with the league itself, just the skanks, as they like to be called. Wait no, athletes is what they want to be called. That’s what gets to me. They want to be taken serious. What they don’t seem to understand is that to be taken serious you have too do things, little things, such as not dress like a prostitute.”But the lingerie is just to bring the crowd in”. Sure the lingerie draws a crowed, but so would a girl fucking a horse. Blue Jay games would be packed if a girl was going to get humped by a horse during the 7th inning stretch. They don’t because baseball is a business, and hot dog sales would take a dive.

Great now nobody gets one








Hears one of the major rules for getting into the LFL, know how to play football. A player named Tanja-Reid Matlock says “It was a confusing game but it’s starting to make more sense now”. Good for you sweetie, now don’t forget another major rule for football, tape your boobs so they don’t fall out, and save some for your dignity too. Tanja-Reid also explains that “Our girls are going full out and we’ve been teaching real tackling. Our idea for Saturday is we’re putting real football product on the field”. Real football!!?? OMG that’s toats awesome. Like there’s like no other like league that offers like real football like on earth.






Ok I admit CFL isn’t real football, but neither is LFL. If you want to actually play football then join a league that has proper equipment and uniforms. Don’t act like what you’re doing is real and that you’re doing it for the love of the sport. You’re doing it because you’re an attention whore who wants fame. If you want respect then put some clothes on, find the biggest girl on the field and smash her to the ground. Then you can hold your head up high instead of pushing your tits closer together

Come at me! COME AT MEEEE!!!

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