By Sean MacIntyre

October is here! This is when TV stops sucking balls and starts pounding ass. Its time to grip the TV guide and start pumping out seemingly endless supply of great television coming pre maturely on your screen. Here’s what you should be watching instead of being productive or social.





Breaking Bads season is coming to an end on October 9th (Sad smiley face with tear).  It’s been a summer of “WTF” and “Oh no he didn’t” on this show. Any time I guess what’s going to happen next, it doesn’t happen. Something better happens and I’m left with my jaw on the floor susceptible to any mouth related sexual desires (I don’t watch the show with Jordan anymore).After this episode there will be only 1 more season of Breaking Bad. So I suggest shut down your life for 2070 measly little minutes, catch up on the series, watch the season finale on October 9th, then watch the series again. This is how you avoid getting cancer, or an STI, or what ever you’re scared of more.





AMC knows people will go crazy when Breaking Bad ends for the year, so they fill that void with a zombie drama called The Walking Dead. The first season of the show was solid. I can’t say that I’m emotionally attached to any of the characters but I’m only emotionally attached to my kitty cat Regis. He’s just so gosh darn fucking cute. What I’m hoping for out of this season is simply more zombie killing. Yes let’s have better stories and character development, but nothing brings out character more than bashing your zombie child’s face in with a family photo album (Just a suggestion). I look forward to watching The Walking Dead on October 16th.


Animation Domination drip’s the lactation of sensation that this nation should embrace SON! This line up including new shows is Allen Gregory, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Bobs Burgers, and The Cleveland show.






Please don’t watch The Cleveland Show. I and so many others have given this show our valuable time, and according to my last employer my time was worth $11.30 an hour (Fuck you Zehrs). It’s been a horribly unfunny show since it arrived and it continues because everyone thinks that it will get better. It won’t. Please stop. Please.





Allen Gregory is a new show starring Jonah Hill that involves a 7 year old, his father, and his father’s husband. Allen Gregory is a genius child that under new circumstances is forced to go too elementary school. Hopefully this show is good enough to pick up a second season so it can grow and figure out what it wants to be (Cleveland show sucks). This Fox show has nothing to do with Seth MacFarlane, so it might actually have some originality too it (Cleveland show is compiled of jokes American Dad and Family Guy didn’t want). So give the show a chance, and remember, Cleveland show is nothing but a used tampon in comedy (think about it).




The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad are well established shows that I don’t think I need to plug. It’s like telling you to try out Mcdonalds (They have a burger called Big Mac). The Simpsons has been solidly funny since it turned HD, Family Guy has been hit or miss, and American Dad is a love it or hate it show. I can tell you with those shows that I’m lovin it (What’s that from?).






Bob’s Burgers debut last year received enough attention to strike a 2nd season deal. I was out of the country during its first season on television so I have no clue myself if it is any good. That’s the kind of useful information that I’m writing today. Bobs Burgers, on TV, 2nd season, watch it, or don’t, what ever. Here’s a cat.





South Park. That’s all I should have to say. It’s fucking South Park, watch it already. This show is on its 15.5th season and the second half starts on October 5th. It’s up in the air whether Matt Stone & Tray Parker wants to keep doing the show. The last episode left the audience with a stone cold feeling that the show is either going to change, or end.  Personally I want (need) this show to go on forever. I don’t know what’s going on in the world if South Park doesn’t tell me. Watch the news? The news is just stories of violence and raping, I have enough of that at home. South Park points out ridiculous things going on in the world and somehow wraps it up a neat satirical package. Please don’t go South Park, don’t leave us with Picnic Face and SCTV re-runs.

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