By Sean MacIntyre

The world is like a dog owner’s backyard; you can stroll around and smell the pretty flowers, but you still have too mind the shit everywhere.

A lot of guys out there love the awesome male privilege of being able to pee anywhere. Whipping out our dongs at 2am in an alley way has become the way of life after bar closings. Now I admit that I have done some immature things as an adult expelling urine. I recall finding a spider in my bathroom; I threw it in the toilet, peed on it, and then flushed. Some guys have been known to pee on there friend’s leg in the gym shower…. and never tell them. So us guys are not only used to peeing anywhere, we also get creative. But of course some men use their pee for pure evil.

Thats why girls can't pee where they want

A lovely video has surfaced of three U.S. Marines urinating on dead Taliban corpses. The video shows the men standing over top of blood covered bodies, each soldier getting there own Taliban, then the water fountain of pee landing on the lifeless terrorists. Thanks for taking the high road boys.

Tea Bagging is for gamers. Pissing is for soldiers

Now as a male I have to dig deep into my man heart and find this thing found in women called “feelings”. Now these “feelings” I have are saying to me “Come on guys really?”, “WTF Bro” and “Faggot douchebag Marine pussy asshole cunts”. The heart continues saying; “you guys already killed them. You won. Why do you have to pee on them? Do you pee first and ask questions later? Is it a fetish? Is there a part to the video where you pee on each other before battle?”

U.S. Marine Corp: Where killing men just isn't enough

These guys are dicks and probably nothing will be done, but should there be? Yes these guys make their own decisions but they are also brainwashed to the point that to them Taliban aren’t human. They are nothing but spiders in the toilet ready to be pissed on and flushed. That’s what being in the army (specially being a Marine) is. Look at the videos of the North Koreans wailing over the death of their leader Kim Jong Il. These people have been brainwashed not just merely thinking, but knowing that Kim was a God. Imagine growing up in North Korea…now imagine growing up in a hick American town. Your hick parents regurgitating “facts” they heard on Fox News about the evil Eastern countries (doesn’t matter which one), pumping you up to join the Military your whole life. You join; they break you down, turn you into a killing machine, and convince you that everything they demand out of you is for the greater good of your country. Fast forward, you’re now at war. Some “towel head” has been shooting at you for hours, trying to end your life. You get him first. Your buddies by your side also tag a couple. You and your pals go to confirm the kills. It’s a clean kill for all, and the area is clear. You guys can finally take that piss you’ve had to take since the shooting. One guy suggests pissing right there, on the bodies, and videotaping it so they can show it to all the other soldiers because they will find it hilarious. Your manipulated morals suggest its ok, and the two devils on each shoulder say it’s ok. So you do it.

"Soo funny. you just had to be there to get it"

What they did was not right. There should be a punishment even just to show the other soldiers that this isn’t right. But at some point those Marines will enter the real world and realize what they did was disgusting. It will eat them up in ways people won’t understand. In the end I think they will punish themselves. Sometimes that is the worst punishment of all.

10 thoughts on “Urinating on a Dead War

  1. It’s easy to condemn the Marines in this incident. What they did was heinous. And photographing it was just plain stupid. But the context also has to be considered – not as a defense of their actions, but as a way of understanding what a military psychology and a war zone can do to you.

    We train these soldiers – many of them just kids – in the only way you can to make them effective, successful and manageable war-fighters. They have to believe that those they are fighting – in a I-kill-you-or-you-kill-me scenario – are worthless as humans. It’s the only way you can get them to do their jobs without becoming physical and psychological basket cases in the heat of battle.

    Unfortunately, it’s not an mindset or emotional state that can easily be switched OFF in that instant moment when the bullets stop flying.

    Again, not defending them, just trying to understand how life-or-death moments bleed over into incidents like this.

  2. Great sense of humor, bro! I don’t understand how some people feel they can condone what these marines – and hopefully, only these marines – did. I could accept a certain amount of “overkill” following a heated battle. One where they might have lost a buddy, or something. But, to defile another human being in this manner is going beyond the pale. What WOULD be crossing the line for these apologists? Shitting on the corpses? Butt-fucking the corpses??? Why have some people grown so fucking callous?

    Keep up the good work!

    Your Uncle Rave

  3. You’re a really good writer. I’m going to enjoy reading more of your stuff.
    About the photo of the Marines peeing on a dead body:
    I don’t know the context of what went on that led to that disturbing photo, but whatever it was, it never ever ever should have been photographed. So many emotions…none of them pleasant.

  4. This post, what started as comedy written in “no frills” English, truly made me change my opinion on the matter. It is easy to pass judgment on the Marines and make statements that memorialize the horror and shock felt from the act, but until one understands the mentality of the actor as well as the setting of the act, such statements are truly made in vain. I sincerely hope this post is read by everyone worldwide to better understand the events that occurred.

  5. I liked everything except the spider part. Come on, the spider was innocent! No need to flush it down the toilet either! I thought your description of the soldiers was really good. What they did definitely was wrong, but I can’t even imagine what they must have gone through. Also, did they confirm the dead were members of the Taliban? Like you said, it probably doesn’t matter much to the soldiers because brainwashing and coping mechanisms allow them to dehumanize “the enemy”, whoever that is.

    • Ha I totally agree with the spider thing. Its one of those things I did years ago and I still feel bad lol. It will please you 2 know I let spider roam free in my house. Thanks for the comment.

      Sean Mac

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