Louis CK is one of the great current comedians of our generation. He has successfully created an asshole persona that everyone loves either while on stage or on screen of his television program “Louie”. If you love CK then I suggest you download his new(ish) 1 hour special “Louis CK: Live at the Beacon Theatre”.

Live at the Beacon show is fantastic. It’s the type of jokes you expect from the 44 your old comedian. Maybe a few more jerk off cum tags thrown in here and there, but over all a solid performance.

What makes this special unique is that you can’t buy in on DVD, or watch it on any television station. Louis CK produced this show and is selling it for a mere $5 on a dedicated site https://buy.louisck.net/. After purchase you can download the show on any computer 4 times, or stream watch on the site with a limit of 2 watches. This is a new way of distributing Stand up comedy and it has worked out great for CK.

After just 12 days of being out on the web CK has already earned one million dollars, and it’s been on the rise ever since. Louis doesn’t want all the money for himself though, as he explains on his website. Large portions are going to crew members who worked on the show, and its also being donated to multiple charities. If CK makes another million then he will donate to even more charities.

So my suggestion is BUY THIS. BUY IT. BUY IT. It’s only $5, you can download it and put it on a USB, enjoy it on your TV, or put it on your smart phone. He’s giving a great portion to charity so you know the money is going to good places. Just buy it. Enjoy it.

15 thoughts on “You like Louis CK?

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’m glad to see comedy finding new angles to get the word out. We need new means of distribution for sure. Comics who speak truth to smart people have a very hard time getting famous, unlike Mindless Mencia or racist ventriloquist.

  2. Love Louis CK. The Everyman anti-hero transforms into hero just by surviving the psychic burden of life in the modern world.

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