We here at the Drinking Hat just wanted to thank everyone for  just being great . 500 followers is ridiculous. I don’t even have 300 Facebook friends. Jordan DCS thanks you guys the most because this is really helping with his alcohol, drug, and prostitute addictions.

What I want to know is where are you guys from? What country? What city? Whats your Moms name? Is she hot? Anything you want to share.

Again thanks everyone for reading our stuff and I hope you guys continue going strong with your own blogs. There’s  a lot of talented people out there and we’ve been lucky to find each other.


RE: 500 Followers! You Guys Are Awesome:

So, now how about some pictures of your moms… Come on, she won’t know… Seriously… Please?… Are you guys there? Hello?….

If we reach 1,000 followers, Sean and I will do something special for everyone. Gay marriage is being taken away from us in Canada so that’s out the window. By the way, fuck Stephen Harper. But we’ll put our brains together and come up with something that will keep you entertained until you find something better. That won’t take long.

Thanks again 🙂

Where my pills at?

60 thoughts on “500 Followers! You Guys are Awesome

  1. Great blog you guys have! 😀

    I live in Sweden all the way up there in the cold 😉 But I like it fine where I am and I’m working with kids which I love.

    And other stuff I love is taking pictures, etching memories onto paper, drawing and writing songs among other things 🙂

    Thanks for the like on my blog by the way, awesome!

    And you guys, consider yourselves stalked, ahem I mean followed.. ;D

  2. Forgotten were “What’s her addresss?” and “What’s her telephone number?”

    Your addictions I’m sure have lots of company, and yes, some of us followers of yours are from major urban areas not born of inbred parents! Keep up the great work…

  3. I’m originally from Torrance, CA, and I’m 30 years old. I work at a treatment center whose clients are on the ankle bracelet and have DWI’s and go to school full-time. I can’t send you a pic of my mom because she passed away shortly after I was born and my step-mother is not attractive 🙂 I love reading your blogs, they always put a smile on my face!

  4. I’m another person from Boston-ish, except I live on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. I’m 26, and a Librarian; I like long walks on the beach, collecting sea glass and love letters, and my favorite color is red. (Purple is my close second.) My mom is from France so my family goes to Montreal whenever we can’t afford to go to Europe. I look like her, but she doesn’t have my figure (anymore).

    Oh, and I have 13 followers, so we’re basically rivals. ❤

    • Glad to hear! With all the positive response we’ve been getting I decided treat my dog for it (fed him for the first time in a week). You should have saw his face when I brought out the chicken bones and lobster shells, and dangled them above his head. I don’t think his eyes lost focused of his treats for half a second. He was so happy. Oh, animals are so delightful. Do you have any pets?

  5. Reblogged this on benjaminsreclaimedart and commented:
    Magnanimously worded, pricelessly put, and so fun to read.

    I remember the last time I felt that somebody else spoke for me in writing. Used wordsmithing in the way I intend and hope to. I was repulsed by his lack of clarity, annoyed by his bouncing around awkwardly, and thinking that maybe we didn’t write or think the same, after all.

    Out of 90 books last year, I am challenged to find, an author or article that shows me a style more like a dream come true. Your enthusiasm, wit, and encouraging praise of others is fantastic!!

    I can’t thank you enough for telling me what google chrome told me, a few days ago. I hope my writing clearly expresses to you my admiration for the fact that, “Your Awesome!” Also, it was exciting to attempt to harmonize on your piece here, so we can, “steal each others songs.” -Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash- Makes me want to stay online all day to find more like….us.

    Unification is the harmonization between intention, action, and result. I love to feel it, so thank you from the bottom of, I’ve got your back.

    I am in the heartland of the Pacific Northwest, the location of the most biomass on the planet. Our trees grow roots up their trunks to reach soil that has developed in their branches. We have the largest organism on the planet living in our back yard. What I’ve heard is that mushroom spores can travel through our atmosphere, and space. Is this true? If so, the largest organism I just mentioned, might actually be, an alien. We have some of the cleanest water sources left on the planet, bubbling through, our ugly infrastructure, and headwaters that will fix your broken heart. The air here is peppered with daphne, tickled with jasmine, and gushing honey. We have the garden of eden growing everywhere. You name it. We got it. Food like you cannot believe. Berries, peaches, lions, and bears O my! I’m moving back to the country, county aint cuttin it, city never will, town is too close, a neighbor needs me.

    I love my home, it is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    O, and I really want to move to anywhere else will do that the sun is shining. My homeland sucks in the winter. We have a mental illness classified to define the seasons of our latitude: SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder. The colds in this valley are damp, and incorrigible. They kill those same wonderful garden elements, every time they raise the record bar on forecasts. All of my Alaskan friends have attested to the fact, that it’s harder to get warm here, than at home. Just so you don’t get the wrong Idea, and think that I want my home over yours. I actually might prefer your environment to mine, because yours is more Awesome!!!

  6. If I might be so bold, I really think a picture of YOUR mom would be much more appropriate. Mull it over, won’t you?


    I hate those damn winky faces but I do feel I should sometimes let people know when I’m kidding. Except when I’m not. Then I don’t use the winky face because I also feel I should let people know when I’m bringing straight bitch. Effective communication = important.

  7. Well done! I think I was number 500, so I should get some type of special prize for putting you over the top but I think you found me first. Do you want a prize?

    My mom’s dead but I’m 47 so maybe around your mom’s age. My boyfriend says I’m hot.

    Portland, Oregon.

    Thank you for writing such sassy fun stuff and encouraging the rest of us with fives of readers.


  8. 500, i have 5, good job guys. thanks for saying thanks? oh wait, you’re welcome. i’d rather not give you a pic of my mom, but someday, you may find yourselves wishing you never made such a request 😉

    from saint john, new brunswick, and for me to have 5 followers, and being from here, i’m famous!

      • do it up, even if you were just passing through, all you’ll see is trees. get to any coast if you do make it this way, that’s the sweet stuff.

        it’s a good place to relax, not work, and just try and get EI over and over again, but if you’re looking to live and work, unless its something like i’m doing, don’t bother, nothing here…..except some nice scenery, sometimes…..(did i sell it well?;))

  9. I am over at My Coign Of Vantage, and you read it right, it’s Coign with a G! it’s supposed to be that way. I am a university student majoring in interdisciplinary studies with concentration in Health and Management, minor in History. I am also a massage therapist by profession. Look forward to reading more of your blog.

  10. WordPress is awesome isn’t it?!?! Before WordPress, I had only my friends to chat to. Now, random people read my passions, and strangely enough, appreciate them! What satisfaction.
    I am an artist who lives in Virginia Beach, VA, though originally I am a California native. True to my blonde self, my exuberance often overtakes what little wisdom I have begun to acquire.
    I write mainly to help other people, see, hear, feel, and sniff out the truth. God has filled me with it, and I love to share. I have been kept undereducated if for only the purpose of being able to be understood by the laymen.
    As far as painting, I paint anything and everything people will let me…..even shoes.
    I have a unique son whose ten-year-old art talents exceed mine by a hundred miles. He is definitely a protege. That is what is special about me, my son.
    I am glad your friend is getting help with his addictions. I have a post called “Cannabis The Deceiver”…look it up.
    I love your interest in others, I believe it will bring you many good things as you care so much about your fellow man, as opposed to only self interest.
    Keep up the great attitude!
    Love, Lori

  11. Thanks for hitting the like on my London, England post. My name’s Kevin and I’m from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, though I currently live in the Crowsnest Pass.

    I’ll keep following your guys’ work and don’t hesitate to revisit my blog when there’s a new post. You can find me at @RealmOfMyOwn on twitter, if you are on there.

    Hope to catch up with you guys later,

  12. Congratulations. I love reading your blog and intend to be here off and on for a long time. Best wishes for continued success. BTW, I’m from Billerica, MA, my mother is no longer with us; so, dating her is out of the question, but I do have a female lab.who has quite the tail. It was 50 degrees here, which is bizarre for Massachusetts in late January. Take care and continue having fun writing. I absolutely love your style.

  13. Congrats on 500! I just met you guys, and will probably never know you in an intimate manner, but I must say, you deserve it.

    Arkansas, America.

    My mom is a basket of crazy, you don’t want her.

  14. That puppy is sooo cute! He has that ‘who da man, you da man’ expression and he can make your heart melt. Not.Easily.Done. Congratulations on hitting 500! I just hit follow; think I am number 501. I’m speshul.

  15. Hey, thats my favourite Awesome image – I use it so much it is saved on my desktop

    I am in Central America by the way – although I was born in Russia and got secondary education and up in England. My mum is super hot, my grandma is hotter.

  16. hmmm I bet I was 500 don’t I get a prize? haha
    born and raised in a tiny farm town in CT but I live on my own in Boston, MA for the past 4 years:) my mom looks like me so yeah, she’s hot 😉

  17. I will not give you my name in this comment as it will already appear next to the particularly good looking picture of me off to the side there. I will say that I’m from New York (Albany – or “the 518” as those with no sense of self worth like to call it). I have a blog which I write on randomly every day. I’m working on a novel that some of you reading this will one day buy off a remainders table or at a garage sale – that’s called confidence. Congrats on 500 followers though. Keep it up!

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