When I met you I wanted to fuck you

When you talked I wanted to date you

When you fucked him I wanted to hate you

When he had you I wanted to forget you

When he left you I wanted to mock you

When I saw you I wanted to spite you

When you hugged me I wanted to push you

When you danced I wanted to fuck you

When you talked I wanted to date you

When you smiled I had to love you

Sean Mac

53 thoughts on “A Little Something Different

  1. Well most human beings are rather predictable. Our moods follow our thoughts and our thoughts follow our moods. We walk the thin lines of the human condition which is dualistic, we walk the thin line of love and hate, beauty and ugliness, high and low…you portrayed this human condition quite well in this piece. That’s what I saw anyway. Thanks for sharing šŸ™‚

  2. wow. what i love about this piece is that there is a very clear narrative, including the difficulties and the intricacies about the relationship as well as the many stages of attraction to love. lovely. (thanks for the like, btw)

  3. Nice one boys. When I read the first line, I thought “oh, here we go. Another poet who just wants to talk about fucking.” But then as I went on, I thought “wow, these guys talk about fucking, but also love and stuff.”

    So that was cool. Both the sex and the love. Cheers. Lewie, out.

  4. fuck, hate, love, poetry, winner

    the list of tags on this post sounds a bit like a sequential bullet-point summary of my relationship history prior to marriage.

    nicely done.

  5. Well Well Well, there should be no more words said after those succulent ones you dispersed. You have provoked my thoughts, emotions, and imagination into a delicious stew of AAAHHHS and OOOHHHS

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