4 thoughts on “New Meme: Eh Glossed Meh

  1. For everyone who doesn’t know: I’m positive a lot of you won’t get it or laugh at this. But I can laugh at it and if it isn’t funny to me than why make it? It’s Dereck “Crazy Motha” Chisora. Watch that link.

    Hopefully that clears it up a bit. I also wrote an article on that crazy guy.

  2. Dear Hat…..Okay…. sorry, but I must be officially completely out of touch, at least with some parts of modern culture. I say this because I have absolutely no clue as to what any of the above means. I know what a meme is. I’m aware of the outlandish boxing/fighting match-ups of late. The language left me all the way out; no idea what it means. So, now that we know I am clueless, can you give me a clue? I’ve enjoyed some of your past posts, but this one is out of my ken…. and I hate not knowing stuff…..thx, & take care….

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