12 thoughts on “New Meme: St. Patrick’s in London, Ontario

  1. As I said, I like your blog – and I’m not trying to advertise mine. It’s there for anyone who is interested. So let’s be friends! I see what you are saying and accept your point about satire.We are hyper-sensitive about these things in the UK, because of past problems. But also let’s celebrate Ireland because it is a brilliant country, facing some very difficult economic times at the moment.

  2. I don’t know what is happening in Canada, but I can tell you about London, England. We had riots in London last year. Even now no-one is really sure why. They are certainly nothing to do with Ireland. Clearly there were troubles in the past. That is largely over. can’t say completely because there will always be diehards. Many people who regard themselves as English nonetheless have Irish heritage. Myself included. We have our differences but at the end of the day we would fight together and did in the past. We love our rivalry in sport, and just recently England got one up on the Irish by trouncing them at rugby. See my recent sportsthoughts blog on the Six Nations. But next time they’ll probably do it to us and the players will come together in the British and Irish Lions tour of Australia next year.

    I’m writing this because I always like your blog, but this one is borderline racist, so I just want to say, we don’t buy into that in London, England. London welcomes and absorbs all cultures. Has done for centuries. That is its strength.

    • You can’t just come on here and advertise your blog and call me borderline racist…. What you need to do is post a link to your blog and call me a full-blown racist, and an asshole, and a trouble maker!

      Those memes had nothing to do with the Troubles or Ireland vs. England or hate towards Ireland, etc. The one England meme was heavily based off the riots last year (and soccer riots I hear happen every now and then.) If you look at the one meme “The real problem is the Irish – Not the students” it’s a satire. Clearly the students are to blame, it just happened to be on St. Patrick’s day. If it happened on MLK day, it would have been the blacks are to blame, or on Cuban new years, the Mexicans…

      I like to take shots at everybody, I just haven’t got to everyone yet. The ol’ Dave Chappelle style. But I’m nowhere as funny, or talented or successful… But give me $30 million and I will go crazy and move to an African country!


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