November, what a miserable month.  It proved to be a long month of grey skies and chronic masturbation.  My court hearing was pushed back, for starters.  My roommates Douglas and Denise work days so I spend most of my time alone and filled with long periods of staring and fondling myself.  My jerkin’ sessions were getting a bit bland, a bit vanilla, with the same day-to-day routine of being cooped up in my bedroom and surfing the net for various porn.

I needed a change and reawakening in my solo sex life.  I imagined different ways of igniting this adventure but there was one that really stood out.  It was down a dark path.  But, it had been decided,  November was the perfect time to test the waters of masturbating in my roommates rooms – I called it “Project Stranger”.

I sought after my paradise…my new paradise, and the stage had been set for my resurging erotic odyssey.

Douglas’ room:  I saw Douglas off at around 11 a.m. on a grey, Wednesday morning.  As our front door closed I hesitantly approached the front of his doorway and gazed in.  This was it, no turning back once I penetrated the borders of his room.  I took a deep breath and plunged.  So far, so good.

I instantly had a weird vibe about pulling down my pants in there, though.  If there was one guy that jerked off more than me, it was Douglas.  It was challenging for me to get hard at first so I opened up my laptop and headed to my go-to-porn website and scrolled down my recommended list; Big Butts Interracial – my favourite.

My meat sword went from limp to raging like steam violently escaping from a boiling kettle.  I had a volcanic eruption of an orgasm in one of Douglas’ socks.  The porn did its job, but still, I knew deep in my heart this wasn’t the new location for me.

Denise’s room:  I was less troubled entering Denise’s room.  It felt like a much more comfortable and relaxing environment.  Plus I found her finger vibrator when I combed through her bedroom before I started – no biggie, just opening some clothing drawers, smelling her underwear and checking under her bed and stuff.  Just small stuff like that.

Curious, I clipped on the vibrator to my left index finger – my stranger hand – and gently massaged my stink tube with it as I got down to business.  It was much easier to cum this time around, as I didn’t even need to use Internet porn.  The finger vibrator certainly made things much easier and I ended up stealing it from her.  Denise wouldn’t be home for another few hours so I had a nap in her bed before finally leaving.

In later days, I denied knowing what had happened to it when I was questioned if I had been in her room while she wasn’t home.

I may have found my new spot.  Or so I had thought…  God, my pork hammer was itchy…

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