The sad reality that Teachers are having sexual relations with students is still among us in the year 2013. A 34 year old female High School teacher in South Carolina has been accused of bringing an innocent 17 year old male to her home so she could use him to perform various sexual acts.

Kinsley Wentzky, seen here looking around 5’4, 115lbs, with a tight body, and decent breasts was the English teacher at the High School where she met the poor young victim. There is no confirmation on how this relationship started, but it is more than likely the young man was working hard on his English report when the athletic tanned teacher wearing a shorter than appropriate mini skirt approached the hard working gentleman. A strong probability suggests Mrs. Wentzky then dropped a pencil near the young student, having to now pick up her writing utensil she bends over exposing her freshly purchased G-sting from Victoria Secret. The student now feeling uncomfortable high fives his male friends agreeing what she did was ”inappropriate” and “un-cool”.

Wanting to discuss the event with his teacher nick named “Forbidden Fruit”, he agreed to a meeting at her home where he was asked to bring a bottle of his parent’s best wine and lots of chocolate putting. Once arrived at his attractive teacher’s home she answered the door wearing an extremely short see through bath robe. The student knew right away that this meeting was not just about her exposing her perfect ass.

Fathers, is this what you want for your sons?

Fathers, is this what you want for your sons?

This story is just another sad sad reality check that young male students aren’t even safe from older, attractive, sexually driven women while in school. This young male for the rest of his life will be scarred with memories of a youthful looking woman riding on top of his body, screaming out her orgasms while her perky breasts bounce in his face. My heart goes to this young man. I hope he can live a full and normal life.

By Sean Mac

6 thoughts on “Teacher was Private Sex Tutor for one Unlucky Guy

  1. The worst part: Once word gets out that he’s the stud who put it to the teacher, every sexually curious girl in that school is going to want to try him out. The poor kid will be scarred for life because he’s going to get more ass than a toilet seat.

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