After months of anger and implementation of unjust laws towards the gay community, President Vladimir Putin has stunned the world after announcing that Russia is homosexual. Putin explains that Russia was just going through some “confusing times” and during these times the country just didn’t want to except that it may be “playing for the other team”.

Vladimir Putin quoting his favourite line from Sex in the City

Vladimir Putin quoting his favorite line from Sex and the City


Coming out of the closet is one of the toughest things Russia has ever had to do in its lifetime Putin explains, but they know it’s the right decision. All of the frustration and anti-gay propaganda were merely just cover-up’s hiding Russia’s true feelings. Putin goes on to say Russia feels safe in the arms of the same sex, and doesn’t care what people think anymore.

After the announcement Russia celebrated by watching a marathon of ‘The Real L Word’, which they say they’ve been “dying” to watch since its debut.


An inside reporter for The Drinking Hat has confirmed that Russia has Facebook messaged Pakistan asking them to be open about their true feelings.  Unfortunately Pakistan’s President Mamnoon Hussain replied by saying “Eww that is totally grody and we are sooooo not gay. Like, eww ”.

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