A little about myself:

Sometimes I eat just potatoes for dinner.  Try to guess my background. Whatever, it’s like a dollar for a sack of those things. I don’t live in poverty or in the ghetto, by any means – I’m just cheap, and broke.  There’s an Asian food market near my house and they know how to wheel and deal there!  Now, I wouldn’t buy or taste test any of the meat they sell but they have cheap produce.  We go hand-in-hand.

Drinks of choice:

Here are the links to Jordan DCS’ Drinking Hat articles and short stories.

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Drunk, Drowning, Dead.

2 thoughts on “Jordan DCS

  1. Ah, just when I thought I’d heard too much serious stuff about the state of the world, and lo and behold, irreverence saves the day.

    Carry on!

    And thanks for liking my blog.

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