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Nice To Meet You

7 thoughts on “Sean Mac

  1. Read you article on being JOBLESS, good read. From what I see from your blog you seem like a `go-getter’ type of guy so here is a suggestion that came to mind that might serve you well in your desperate need. The results may not be immediate but could in the relatively short term prove fruitful. The idea is a JOBLESS CO-OPERATIVE. Though the idea came to me following the read of your referenced blog, the idea upon research is not totally original. Here is a news-paper article written back during the Great Depression that speaks to the same idea: http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1499&dat=19391001&id=FqxQAAAAIBAJ&sjid=UiIEAAAAIBAJ&pg=6710,5036151

    What I had in mind was to run an ad advertising for those in your community in the same boat as yourself ie unemployed. Pool your individual resources, talents, experience and `brain-storm’ ways that you can create opportunity for the group. Approaching your local agencies for possible financial support may work to expedite the process.

    Anyway, it’s just a suggestion that may help if nothing else, while away the otherwise empty hours of the day and cut down on the frequency of masturbating…lol

    All the best – hope it helps

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